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#1 Racquetball Racquet for 2013?

So what IS our #1 racquetball racquet choice for 2013?

Introducing the Head Black Widow. Be careful, or you might get bitten!

Head Racquetball is renowned for using exotic and cutting edge materials in their racquets. Their 2012-13 Deadly series is no different. There are actually three models, the Black Widow at 160g, the 170g Scorpion , and the Cobra 180g racquet. In this case, their new material breakthrough is something called Innegra™, which is a carbon-polypro technology which is both super- lightweight and also dampens vibrations. Without a doubt, this is one of the top racquetball racquets on the market.

 The Head Black Widow Racquet

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According to Head Racquetball, the key features of the new composite hybrid Innegra material are:


  • Extremely tough and light; lightest performance fiber in the world today
  • In combination with carbon fiber, Innegra forms an ultra strong and explosive hybrid-composite structure


  • Improved stability and increased shock absorption

  • Vibration on ball impact is reduced by 17 % for unique control and precision

  • HEAD’s new hybrid-composite structure considerably extends the performance of your HEAD racquet

I’ve always been a Head racquet fan myself, and this particular model seems to have  the “Holy Grail” combo of both extreme power paired with extreme control. Rather than head heavy, as Head racquets often are, the Black Widow and Scorpion are very well balanced. The heavier 180g Cobra is actually head light in spite of its extra weight. The result for all is an extremely maneuverable racquet that produces blazing speed.

Here are what top racquetball pro Ben Croft has to say about the new Head Racquetball racquets.

Head Black Widow Racquetball Racquet: On Court Review

If you are looking for a high level racquet to take your game to the next level, the new super-sharp Head Black Widow might be just what you need to sting that pesky opponent.

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