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Racquetball Warm Up – You DO Warmup, Don’t You?


Classic old guy racquetball  warm up line …

“I don’t want to waste any of my good swings in warm up!”

And yet, lack of warmup is highly likely to lead to:

  • Slow match start
  • Lack of power
  • Poor shot selection & execution
  • Losing matches you could win
  • Injury

The remedy, of course, is at least a brief warm-up period.

A “can’t fail” warmup routine on your half of the court

  1. A few minutes of calisthenics and light stretching outside the court; save your court time for hitting the ball. Reach, twist, lunge, short change-of-direction sprints. That is what the game requires.
  2. Tell the ball what to do, and see if it listens. Hit a handful of drop passing shots in a straight line between your body and the side wall  to the back corner, forehand and backhand. Establish control. If you can’t hit the ball in a straight line on command, you are already in trouble.
  3. Repeat, with forehand and backhand ceiling shots. Remember, the ceiling is your savior when you are in trouble.
  4. Finish up with a few hard low drop shot kills.

Of course, if you have more time and court space you can add in your pinch and other cross-court placement shots, but this is enough to at least get your body “engine” revved up, shoulder lubed and ready to withstand the torque of kills shots, and your brain oriented towards the major shots you need to survive and thrive in a match.

Shawn Royster Racquetball Warm-Up Tips


Another old saying here is “You can pay me now, or pay me later.”

Unfortunately, that “later” price, paid for not warming up for even a few minutes, can be a racquetball-ending injury.

Don’t be an idiot; extend your range of motion, and break a sweat before you play. WARM UP!