Quick Racquetball Tips: Hide-n-Seek


photo: CarbonNYC

Here is an interesting racquetball tip — from your childhood! Perhaps you remember playing hide-n-seek as a child. Someone covers their eyes, starts counting, and you run away from them and hide.

What a great racquetball strategy!

You can win a lot of games with a strategy no more complicated than “hiding the ball” from your opponent. There are two distinct steps here:

  1. Wait as long as possible before taking your stroke.
  2. Know where your opponent is, and hit it somewhere else.

Too many beginning players get caught up in hitting hard against the front wall, or only have vision that extends forward, but not behind them. You may not score right away by hitting away from your opponent, but after several such shots, your opponent may be so poorly positioned that they cannot return the ball.

Make sure most of your shots “run away and hide” from the person you are playing. This is a racquetball tip you can take to the bank!


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