Quick Racquetball Tips: The Eyes Have It


photo: helgabj

Sometimes the racquetball is your friend, sometimes it is your enemy. This is especially true when it comes to your court vision, and the things you focus on.

Many beginning players focus almost exclusively on the front wall after each shot, with no knowledge of where their opponent is behind them, or what kind of shot they actually hit. If you offered them a million dollars to tell you what was happening behind them, they couldn’t tell you.

Fortunately, this problem has  a simple solution. You can only make decisions and take actions based on what you know. Most of what you know comes through your eyes. Develop a habit of at least taking a peak over shoulder just before your opponent hits the ball. If you are concerned about getting  hit in the face, use your peripheral vision, a quick glance, or even position your racquet between your face and your opponent as you look.

(It goes without saying that you are using some kind of protective eyewear. NO RACQUETBALL PLAYER SHOULD EVER PLAY WITHOUT EYE PROTECTION. Period.)

If you don’t know where the ball is being hit, the racquetball is your enemy. It is faster than you are, and ONLY anticipation of its path and game knowledge can save you. You must be smarter than the ball, and your vision is the first step on this path to success. Make the racquetball your friend. Use your eyes to anticipate what your next move should be.


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