Racquetball Drive Serve – Feel the Power!

Racquetball is a game that features both finesse and power; the racquetball drive serve is an opportunity to use your full body power to put your opponent on the defensive right away.

Most beginning players stand with an open stance and use their arm strength to generate power for their serve. However, with a little practice and some “fancy  footwork,” you can learn to hit your serves significantly harder using your total body momentum into the ball.

Racquetball Lessons with Rocky Carson
Edson Hong / Family Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

Although it may take a few practice sessions to get the rhythm of the footwork down, it is probably especially important for less athletic players, who are not blessed with the natural strength or speed of better athletes. Learning the drive serve technique will allow you to pound your serves with the best of them. While accuracy is importance, learning to hit the ball with enough force that it starts to explode off the wall like it was fired by a cannon makes your serve an intimidating weapon.

Check out Ben Cross in this video, as he “takes us through the steps” of a powerful racquetball drive serve.

 Racquetball Drive Serve

Key points covered in this drive serve video:

  • Varied starting positions
  • Step and a half footwork

You should watch the slow motion segments carefully; replay them, and  look at the timing of the  ball drop relative to the first half step. It is this timing that throws many off. Once you get it, you will begin hammering your racquetball drive serve with greater confidence.


6 comments on “Racquetball Drive Serve – Feel the Power!

  1. James says:

    Thank you for the video. I found the part about using your body’s momentum particularly useful.

    • Racquetball Teacher says:

      Yes, many players try to serve hard only using their arm. There is a reason why high level players use the cross step to generate momentum on the drive serve.

  2. Gabe says:

    The part of the video that touches on standing in different parts of the court to get different angles will help my game.

    • Racquetball Teacher says:

      Racquetball is all about angles! Learning to use them effectively takes a certain amount of experience; so you need to play a lot to learn them. But you also need to pay attention to what works … And what never works.

  3. Daniel says:

    The part that referenced taking the second full step will help my power when serving.

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