Racquetball Footwork Drills – Star Drill Series

Beginning players often desperately need racquetball footwork drills to improve their court positioning, whether they realize it or not! When players first begin they are often dragged around the court by the ball, rather than moving efficiently in anticipation of the next stroke. Worse yet, they may simply freeze in place after their swing, and then be completely out of position for the next play.

This problem is quickly fixable with just a few minutes of footwork drills and court movement training.

This Star Drill 6-Step movement series incorporates a lot of the basic movement patterns needed for successful rallies. It can be done either with or without a racquet.

Racquetball Star Drill Movement Patterns

Pay attention to the different angles, court positions, and footwork movements which are the basics of successful play. Which of these movements are most difficult for you? Which are not yet a part of your game?

Please comment below on what you learned!


One comment on “Racquetball Footwork Drills – Star Drill Series

  1. bobby b says:

    turning your grip slightly for the backhand shots are important with accuracy

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