Racquetball Roundup

racquetbll-roundupRacquetball: How To Select A Racquetball Racquet And Strings

Casual spectators of a racquetball game will probably never consider the importance of a player’s racquet and string selection. But, experienced players understand that their choice of racquet and the strings they place on it can have a dramatic impact on how well they play on the court. So, how does an inexperienced racquetball player choose the correct racquet and string set? Read more…

Racquetball Telestration: Learn by Watching

Got in contact with the number one pro racquetball coach in the world, coach Jim Winterton. This is the same Jim Winterton who coaches world #1’s Kane Waselenchuk, and Rhonda Rajsich! He was able to telestrate a video I submitted to him and provide some excellent feedback in a way that is easy to understand and actually see! VIDEO | See more…

Wall to Wall Slice Backhand practice

Now, about your backhand! You need to build proper muscles in the shoulder for this shot, especially high ones. VIDEO | Read more…

photo by: exfordy

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