Review: Head Ti. 175 XL Racquetball Racquet – Sweet Control

The  Head Ti. 175 XL is a very good racquet. In fact, it is MY racquet, even after 10 years, and it has held up very well for me.

Of course, I am biased here, but let me explain what its strengths and weaknesses are. This is not a “bash it and smash it” model racquet. My game is very finesse oriented. I put a premium on off-speed, dying in the corner pinch and passing shots, and play closer to the front wall where I can use my quick reactions. I also tend to hit a lot of ceiling shots when I don’t have quite the situation I want. I like to manipulate the court balance, and with this in my hands I feel fully capable of doing so.

In fact, it is the only racquet I have used that even surprises me at some of the shots I pull off. Sometimes it feels like my brain is connected to this racquet; I think, it responds. What more could you want?

A Great Control Racquet – For Cheap?

So clearly this is a control racquet, and I like the balance in my hand. When it was a new model, it was pushing the envelope with its titanium and graphite construction, and was also pushing $250. In a crowded racquet market with many new entrants, it can now be had brand-spanking-new for under $70.

That makes it a steal. Unless you are a power basher.

When you consider that this racquet is still in production after 13 years, and is the most popular Head racquetball  racquet of all time, that is saying a lot.

If you play a lot of doubles, and hang out close to the front wall where you wield your racket like a swordsman, this is your racquet. If you are a control player like me, it is hard to go wrong with the Head Ti. 175 XL. It is rated one of the highest racquets of all time for both close and deep control shots. However, if you need a lot of power help, or like to see your ball time-warp into the next dimension because you hit it so hard, you will likely find something else a better fit. Some players have found that the plastic guard has broken quickly (primarily cosmetic) and that the strings broke. Mine is 10 years old, is fully original, and still plays great.

If you are just stepping up from your first Big Box Store racquet, this may be the trick. From a quality standpoint, it is certainly hard to go wrong with the VERY well-proven Head Ti. 175 XL, one of the classic best control racquetball racquets of all time.

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