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Racquetball Drills – 30 Second Warmup Concentration

This is a great warmup and concentration racquetball drill to use when you first hit the court, especially if you have a court all to yourself.

You can begin with 30 second segments, increasing up to 90 seconds or more as you gain control and experience. You should learn to increase the consistency with which you contact the ball. Until you reach very high levels, winning has more to do with being able to repeat relatively simple skills, and to call on them when required, rather than superhuman athletic feats. This solo rally pattern drill incorporates exactly this game-like demand.

Watch pro Shane Vanderson as he shows us how:

Racquetball Drill: 30 Second Continuous Warm Up


The key points of this racquetball drill:

  • It simulates the demands of the game
  • Speed, footwork, and spacing are all required
  • Working a forehand/backhand pattern sharpens your control
  • Focusing for 30+ seconds continuously ¬†boosts game preparation and endurance

Look carefully at these components, and replay the video at key points to watch what he does well, and where he can improve. We’d love to hear your comments below on what you learned!



Racquetball Drills – Serving Variety

Racquetball drills for serving are super-important because being on the receiving end of a long string of tough serves is a sure-fire way to lose a match. You need a variety of serves both to keep your opponent off-balance, and to take advantage of any particular weakness they may have.

While most players are susceptible to hard serves to their backhand, you may find some who make more return errors on their forehand side. So the key is to have several different serves in your tool belt, and to pay attention to what works best as you progress through the match.

Racquetball Drills Video – Serving Variety


Key serve styles discussed in this video:

  • Drive serve
  • Z-serve
  • Lobs

Beginners are often not proficient in all serves, so try to develop at least a drive serve plus one off-speed serve as an initial part of your game plan. Notice the used of landing zone targets in this video; this is a great way to practice all of your shots, not just serves. Of course, the “human target” shown in this video can also add an element of spice, as well!

Please comment below on what you learned from watching this serving racquetball drill video.

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