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Racquetball Grip – Is One Grip Enough?

So, the best way to grip a racquetball racquet is to just pick it up and start swinging away, eh?

Umm, no.

In fact, rather than ONE grip, you need TWO grip positions to hit effective racquetball shots. Kris Odegard quickly shows us how best to create these two racquetball grips in this short video:

Racquetball Grip Video


Now, that wasn’t hard, was it?

Of course, constantly shifting your grip can create wear and tear on your hands. When you start sweating in a heated game, you can also lose control of your racquet after hard shots or when changing grips. If you haven’t tried them yet, racquetball gloves are the perfect solution. Most serious players keep two or more ┬áin their gear bag.