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Racquetball Drills – Serve Return

The server always has an advantage in any racquet sport; spending time on racquetball drills for service return can be a game-saver for any player.

Most beginning players do not return serve del because of their lack of footwork and racquet preparation. In this video, pro John Ellis shows you the basics you should incorporate into some simple drills of your own. While many racquetball skills can be practiced solo, you need a reasonably proficient partner to practice live serve return.

If you do not have someone who can accurately serve a variety of serves to help your practice, separate out  the racquet preparation and footwork patterns and do them on your own so that you are better prepared to return tough serves.

Racquetball Drills Video – Serve Return


Key points in this serve return video:

  • Low posture
  • Backhand grip racquet preparation
  • Step-pivot footwork

Notice the secret strategy John reveals that is used by many savvy players to gain an advantage when ready to return serve!  Comment below and share with us what you learned.